How Nannytax began

In 1993 a former bookkeeper recognised a gap in the market of domestic employment. He introduced the concept of a dedicated, user-friendly payroll service for parents employing nannies, and hence Nannytax was born. Since then Nannytax has gone from strength to strength and word of mouth has earned us a solid reputation for reliability and excellent customer service. More than just a payroll service, we support our clients throughout the entire employment process. Whilst we represent the nanny employer we are keenly aware of the unique relationship that exists between families and their nannies and provide support and advice to both parties. Our support contributes to building strong working relationships.

Relationship with HMRC

Over the years Nannytax has nurtured and built a sound working relationship with HMRC, and all Nannytax clients are dealt with at a single HMRC office. Nannytax was the first payroll company to file the traditional year-end returns electronically, and in recent times helped to pilot HMRC's Real Time Information (RTI). Nannytax works closely with HMRC on any new schemes they may be implementing regarding PAYE, and Nannytax is often asked for opinion and assistance when piloting new programs.

Nannytax today

In 2002 Nannytax joined forces with the Enable group, forming a dynamic payroll services company dedicated to making payroll easier for nanny and domestic employers across the UK. We now represent more employers than any other UK payroll company, providing comprehensive payroll services and employment law support. Unlimited advice and guidance on all pay and employment issues are an integral part of what we believe in and we are advocates of the best possible practice of the employment process.



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