Nanny Insurance

Nannyinsure provides peace of mind for nannies and their employers

Nannytax is delighted to be working with Fish Insurance to offer Nannyinsure, a Public Liability Insurance (PLI) policy designed specifically for professional nannies.

Nannyinsure provides cover for the nanny if anything should happen to the children while they are in her care. Nanny employers also have the added benefit of being able to claim Childcare Vouchers if they employ an Ofsted Registered nanny, and PLI is part of Ofsted's mandatory criteria.

About the policy

Cover is provided in the event of an incident occurring whilst the nanny is carrying out her professional duties. Benefits include:

  • £5 million limit of indemnity
  • £50k Personal Accident cover
  • Nanny duties are covered for trips outside of the UK when travelling with at least one parent for business or pleasure purposes*
  • If the nanny is travelling with the family outside of the UK, nanny duties are covered for 30 days in any one period of insurance*
  • Administration of Drugs and Medicines*
  • Cover whilst child is left with another approved adult for temporary periods*

* Conditions apply

When the employer buys the policy

Often the nanny employer will offer to pay for the insurance for the nanny. Employers must remember that regardless of who pays, it is the nanny's insurance and if she leaves, the policy will go with her. It is not transferable to another nanny. By the same measure it is only the nanny who can cancel her policy. Nanny insurance would be classed as a taxable benefit (see Benefits in Kind in Useful Info) and will need to be declared to HMRC, which may affect the nanny’s tax code for the next tax year.

The nanny will need apply and complete the application form herself as it will ask for details pertaining to her. If you are buying the insurance for your nanny, it may be a good idea to complete the form together so you can provide your payment details at the end.

Visit for more information and for your nanny to apply.

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