Employment Contracts

It is important to us to do all we can to help our clients and their nannies maintain a healthy, happy working relationship.

Contracts of Employment are a significant part of the employment process and ensuring there is one in place before any work begins goes a long way to settling potential disputes later on in the employment relationship.

The contract is a legally binding employment agreement that oblige both employers and nanny to keep to the terms of employment spelled out in it. These terms can of course be changed at any time by mutual agreement. All employees are entitled to have one within 8 weeks of starting their job and a sensible employer will not hesitate to provide one. 

The Nannytax Contract

As part of the Nannytax service two template Contracts of Employment are provided for all our clients to use whichever best suits their needs:

  1. the standard contract of employment
  2. a 'lite' version

Our contracts cover all the necessary terms as well as detailed clauses that clients can amend to their own requirements.

Help from Nannytax Legal

Clients will also have access to our team of Employment Law Specialists. We encourage our clients to make full use of this service particularly when modifying the contract to make sure all your requirements are covered and in the correct manner.

If very specific clauses are required, such as confidentiality clauses for example, Nannytax Legal will help to write them.

More information on Employment Contracts is available in Useful Info.

Nannytax Legal Helpline

t. 020 3137 4491

Lines open 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri.

Clients are advised to have their Nannytax Payroll Number to hand when calling.

Net to Total Cost for Nanny Employers
The Total Cost is the Gross Salary + Employer's NI. Calculations are rounded to the nearest pound and apply to nannies with a single job on a standard tax code (1100L) during tax year 2016-17, and are for guideline purposes only. Not for use in Employment Contracts.
Net Wage to nearest £10:
This Net Wage is paid:
Total Cost to employer:

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