Tax-Free Childcare

Top Five Facts

  1. Tax Free Childcare (TFC) is now open to applicants with children aged under four or disabled children. Click here to read more about TFC
  2. Parents with children aged four upwards can sign up to receive an email when Tax-Free Childcare becomes available to you. Click here to receive notification 
  3. Parents or nannies who need help with Tax-Free Childcare can call the childcare services helpline – 0300 123 4097
  4. Tax-Free Childcare can be used to pay your nanny and tax and National Insurance Contributions (including Employers NICs), but cannot be used to pay your nanny’s pension or maternity pay.
  5. Nannies must be registered with a regulator (ie Ofsted) in order for their employers to be able to use Tax-Free Childcare

What is Tax-Free Childcare?

Tax-Free Childcare is a new government scheme to help working parents with the cost of childcare.
With Tax-Free Childcare, you will be able to open an online Childcare Account for each of your children. For every £8 you pay into your Childcare Account(s), the government will automatically pay in an extra £2. You can get up to £500 government support per child every three months towards your childcare costs. You can use this money to pay your nanny.

Read our Tax Free Childcare FAQs

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