1. Time
Essential to find the perfect nanny. You need to find time for:

  • Advertising the job, and finding the best ways to so
  • Creating and monitoring the advert
  • Filtering CVs
  • Conducting interviews
  • Reference checking
  • Organise DBS checks
  • Arranging a contract
  • Arranging insurance
    • Employer’s Liability Insurance (ELI) is a legal requirement
    • Nanny Public Liability Insurance, if required

If you have prerequisites such as First Aid training, Ofsted Registration, childcare qualifications, etc, allow time for checks, or you may need to help a favoured candidate obtain them.

2. Expertise
Are you confident in knowing what to look for, where to look, filtering CVs, interviewing and the other tasks outlined above?

3. Cost
Finally, how much to spend? The cost of finding a nanny can vary depending on how much you decide to outsource.

Ways to Find a Nanny

A nanny, as the person you are going to welcome into your home and entrust with your child, is an important undertaking for you and your family, so it's vital to get it right. Here are some way to find your nanny:

Nanny Agency

Best for those with limited time and a reasonable but strict budget

A nanny agency takes out most of the hassle of finding a nanny. They will assess your requirements and provide a selection of candidate from which you choose who you want to interview. The agency is responsible for checking their qualifications, suitability and situation, but it is always advisable to also check the references yourself.

Agency fees will vary; some charge a set fee and with others fees will be linked to your nanny's salary, such as a percentage or 5 or 6 x her weekly net wage. Some may require ongoing payments. Check what is included in the fee when you sign up, including VAT, exactly what services you get, and what happens with the fee if the selected nanny doesn't work out. As a cheaper option, some agencies also offer a nanny vetting service for if you have hired somebody yourself but just want help with this part of the process.

Our Nanny Agency Directory provides a list of reputable agencies or you can complete our form here and we will pass your details on to three agencies local to you.

Online Recruitment

Best for those who have a limted budget and/or have the time to manage the recruitment process

Online recruitment sites provide a proximity search that lists nannies near you. You'll have to register with the website, which usually incurs a cost, before you can contact the candidates to arrange interviews. Depending on which site you use, some can provide additional services to help check your nanny’s credentials.

If online recruitment suits, Nannytax recommends or

Doing It Yourself

Best for those who either have little budget for 'finders fees', or have the time and wish to have the control over the recruitment process

Many are quite happy and sometimes prefer this option. If you are going to find your nanny this way we advise thoroughly researching to ensure you understand the legalities of hiring a nanny as well as making sure you hire the right one for you. Placing an advert online will usually produce a lot of candidates so you may need to spend a considerable amount of time sifting through their CVs as well as gathering and vetting references.


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