About the Members Area

The Nannytax Members Area is a place where our clients can access a whole host of features pertaining to their personal account with Nannytax and their nanny. Developed with the busy nanny employer in mind it's designed to make employing as easy and efficient as possible for all our clients. Many have found it an invaluable tool for managing their needs as an employer.

Key feature — view and download payslips

  • Download, save and print your nanny's payslips in the privacy of your own home
  • Payslips are placed in your account each month at the same time they would normally be sent out
  • No need for the post; this provides added security with the assurance that they won’t be delayed or lost even when the post is running normally
  • Log in and download them whenever and however many times you may need them

Key feature — the Employee Portal

  • Give your nanny payslip access by setting her up to the Employee Portal
  • She can view and download her own payslips as they become available, with or without your authorisation (you can choose authorisation settings)
  • Saves you even more time and hassle

Key feature — the Employment Health Check

  • An extremely useful tool, particularly for new clients and first time nanny employers
  • A comprehensive checklist designed to help you ensure that you have fulfilled all employer requirements
  • Highlights areas that you need to address and what you need to do
  • You can return to check items off as you complete them


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