How to Use the Members Area

Accessing the Members Area

Once you have subscribed to Nannytax a Members Area account will automatically be created for you. An access link is permanently provided at the top of our website, in the drop down menu of the Members Area section, as well as links throughout the site on various pages.

Logging in

Log in details will be emailed to you just after subscribing. Use these to log in and change your password if you wish (recommended).

Ensure pop-ups are enabled — IMPORTANT!

The Members Area employs the use of pop-ups to convey instruction and information. To make full use of all the features, ensure pop-ups are enabled whilst logged in. Without pop-ups, many important features will not work, such as accessing the Legal Helpline and viewing/downloading payslips.

Unblock pop-ups

On Internet Explorer on a PC, the 'Pop-up blocker' can be found in 'Tools' in the top navigation of the browser windows.

On Safari on a Apple Mac 'Unblock pop-up windows' can be found in 'Safari' next to the little apple at the top left of the desktop screen.

For any other browser check the browser settings or the 'Tools' section of the navigation menu.

For handy quick videos that show you how to unblock pop-ups, you can click here.

Navigating the Members Area

Once logged in ensure you navigate by using the 'Back' button provided on each screen. Avoid using the back arrow of your browser as this is unlikely to take you back to your client home page and may even cause you to inadvertently log out.

Information Panels

Guidance is also available whilst you are using the Members Area — information panels with instruction and advice form the lower part of each area you visit, should you become unsure of what to do next.

Timing out/Logging out

After 10 minutes of inactivity the Members Area will time out for security purposes and another log in is required. When finished using the Members Area please click 'log out' from the navigation menu to end the session.

How to complete the Payroll Information Form

How to download payslips

How to request a P45

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