Give Your Nanny Payslip Access

Make your life easier - and your nanny's!

With the Nannytax Employee Portal, your nanny can access her own payslips directly without you having to download them for her. As well as making your life easier, you can control when your nanny sees the payslips — so that if you feel you need to check them before your nanny downloads them then you can.

How to set up access for your nanny

Log in to the Nannytax Members Area using your Payroll Reference Number and your password. In the menu, you should see an option labelled 'employee details'. When you hover over this you should see the option second from the bottom is 'allow employee website access' — click on this.

You will be taken to a screen asking you to set up a Username and Password for your employee. Usernames should be at least 6 characters long and passwords should be at least 6 characters and contain at least 2 numbers. You must also provide an email address so that your nanny's login details can be emailed to them. Fill out these details and click the 'Create Login' button.

You have now set up Employee Portal Access for your employee.

Setting your nanny's payslip access

You can also control when your nanny is able to view her payslips. In the same 'employee details' drop-down on the Members Area menu, you should also see an option called 'set-up employee payslip access'. If you click on this, a box should appear giving you the different options for payslip access for your employee.

There are three options for payslip access:

  • Automatically allow your nanny to see all new payslips without you checking them
  • An option that allows you to check payslips and release them to your nanny in bulk
  • An option where you check and release each payslip individually

Select one of these options, then click the 'Update' button. You have now set up payslip access for your nanny.



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